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Have you ever wanted to see an epic indoor aquarium in Minecraft? Hello, my name is claire1593 and I, too, wanted to explore an awesome aquarium without having to pay or switch consoles. I have been working on this project for the past five months, and I hope you guys enjoy it. Since this aquarium is only 4/5ths of the way done, please check out my Instagram at clairel593 for more updates.

Welcome to Prismarina Aquarium! Here, multiple attractions include Glass Tunnels, Coral Displays, tropical fish tanks, a Sea Turtle exhibition, a 360° tank surrounding a dolphin tank, and an exclusive Guardian show.   More attractions are coming soon. For quick and easy access to the 2nd floor, feel free to use the bubblevators. For those who want a bite to eat while at the Aquarium, please visit our complimentary Aquatic Bar & Grill. And, what’s an epic aquarium without an epic gift shop located directly below the Sea Turtle exhibit. Come visit us at night for an epic Deep Sea Adventure!

Updated the supported versions and fixed a few grammatical errors in the description.

-Jellyfish Sculptures

-Squid tank with a secret entrance to a hidden room

-XTsam’s Garden Pathway

-Added the rest of the missing fish

-And more!!

  • All new Deep Sea Adventure Tour!
  • Added Tropical Fish Gallery

Finished the dome on top of Dolphin Tank & made 360° tank more accessible

Added small Zen Garden

This map now supports the newest 1.10 update to Bedrock Edition.

Just updated the photos and featured image. Have a good day!

-New download links to Mediafire

-Added Dolphin Tank

-Switched glass for barriers in a few tanks

-Added more lighting

-Added more tanks

– Day or Night option with command blocks

-More fish

-Fixed link for .mcworld


Supported Minecraft versions


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