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Three friends and I made this world for us to play on. It’s a lot of fun, so we decided to post it. You will spawn in a room with several buttons on the wall.  Press one to get started!

After pressing the button, some people will get buttons.  This is for the intended play of the game.  If you get one, walk through the door marked prisoner. Everyone else should walk through the door marked guard. 

Prisoners – The doors will automatically close at night. Be in your cell before then. Your goal is to escape.  Agree with the guards on how this is to be accomplished BEFORE the game starts.

Guards – If you see a prisoner out at night, kill them. The keycards are to be thrown on the carpet to open the door. Do not worry, you will get it back.

General Info – There is a mine, a forest, a mob spawning room, and a nether portal. These are for both the prisoners and the guards to get materials to use. There are many rooms, mostly decorative, but there are regular cells and one solitary cell. Everyone has to agree on a way to escape before the game begins.

Rules:You may play however you like. Please do not destroy the jail or change it too much, as we put a lot of work into it.

YouTube reviews are allowed, however please give credit to SimianOne39, nugnug0413, the1manSIR, and Egniat.

Have fun!

Added many pictures to show the prison, updated description to be more detailed.

  • Added a much more detailed description of the prison, including rooms, jobs, and more detailed gameplay.



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