Rainbow Lucky Block Arena | Minecraft PE Maps


Get awesome armour and weapons from rainbow lucky blocks with over 30 unique drops in 8 different colours / teams and battle in an awesome arena to dominate the battlefield.

Welcome to Rainbow Lucky Block Arena, the best Lucky Block map on MCPEDL.

Receive awesome drops from Rainbow Lucky Blocks and battle it out in this awesome arena!

You’ll be teleported to a random spot in the arena 5 seconds before PvP is enabled. Look out for lucky blocks within the arena too, there’s a total of 11 extra lucky blocks in the arena with all the same drops as the drops in the coloured teams.

There’s a picture of one of the coloured teams below if you’re curious on how they look.

You should be able to download somewhere below where this piece of text is.

1.0.1. Updated the download links to fix bugs before release.. 

Supported Minecraft versions


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