Random PvP | Minecraft PE Maps


The world is a pvp based mini-game where 2 random people are made to fight to the death with random items in this gladiator type game. The game is built to have short fun rounds where every round is different.

This world is playable for 2+ people meaning you can play with you and all of your friends, Once the game has started 2 random people will be teleported into an arena to fight to the death whilst the rest of the people spectate from a safe distance. Both fighting players will be given a random weapon with a random enchant and a random miscellaneous item. This way every game that you play is unique and fun. Rounds last anywhere from 30 second to 3 mins so they’re quick rounds so you can pack your afternoon with heaps of fun.


Download the link, find it in your files, double click the file and it should automatically begin the import into minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions


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