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RANDOMIZED EVERYTHING [100% Randomized Addon] – MCPE AddOns

How is Minecraft randomized:

The game would look terrible, be incredibly boring, and be poorly developed if the addition were entirely random, therefore it isn’t precisely 100% random. As a result, some categories are randomized, such as all woods being randomized in one category and all ores being randomized in another. These categories will only randomize with other files that are in the category. In addition, I’d want to emphasize that everything will be random, though not all of a main category’s components. Therefore, not all entities and not all textures are randomly generated. again, so that the game can continue to be enjoyable and well-made. Polish is given top attention with this add-on. Give me time, and it will be as random as it can be while still being polished and enjoyable. Over time, more and more will be randomized, and the more polished it will become.

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(Below is a example of not putting files in categories and is what I am avoiding)


How many files are randomized:

  • 2,638 files are randomized
  • 3,000-4,000 total things randomized

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