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Do you ever wanted to increase the size of your pet wolf, or shrink the size of the bees to make it look realistic? Then this addon makes that possible! No need to type anything. Just install then you are ready to go. 

Here’s the video:

 How to use:

The mechanics is very much the same as my [b][url=]Advanced Bow Addon[/url][/b]

1. Equip the gun

/give @s coptaine:shrinker

/give @s coptaine:expander

2. Go sneak

3. Attack to change firing mode

Please feel free to give feedback specially bug reports and suggestions. This addon idea is actually in my mind a very long time. Just to lazy to do it since this requires me to edit every entity! I asked on my Advanced Bow Addon thread if you want a mod like this then someone replied yes. So, I decided to this now. So, what do you want me to do next? 


Supported Minecraft versions


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