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[REVAMP] Frostcraft (Formerly Santa’s Spellshop) – MCPE AddOns

Welcome to Frostcraft, the latest MCPE AddOns from developers Santa’s Spellshop. Keeping with the spirit of Christmas, but with a decidedly magical new twist, Frostcraft will keep you enchanted all-year round!

Frostcraft brings with it a unique blend of features, combining elements of both Survival and Adventure experiences for MCPE players. Spawn into a snowy dreamscape and discover a deep array of intriguing secrets hidden in the wintery world.

Explore to your heart’s content with unique “Santa” mobs, each with their own special abilities. Bravely battle diabolical foes and take on challenging puzzles to collect rewards hidden in the snow. Play your way to the top of the leaderboard and challenge your friends for bragging rights.

As you collect your rewards, don’t forget to check out Frostcraft’s new Magic system. Journey through the thick of wintery adventure and discover powerful spells, mystical artifacts, and potions to aid you on your quest. Search the world and embark on a journey to uncover the secret of Frostcraft’s incredibly powerful enchantment.

Frostcraft’s many features make it a great addition to your MCPE experience. Whether it’s magical questing, spell-casting, or just challenging your friends, Frostcraft will surely keep you enthralled during your local neighborhood MCPE adventures. Come discover the icy enchantment waiting for you at Frostcraft today!

What’s Frostcraft addon for the happiest time of the year as it approaches the holidays? Well, when was that? An add-on that provides you with over 15 festive spells, Santa Claus, a workshop, and a specific goat demon himself!

Creator: ItsDarkwolf6


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Frostcraft Crystals

To begin with, a tool called a “frostcraft crystal” is required if you wish to create any of the spells. You can use this crystal in a stonecutter to create any of the spells. Each person has a certain ability or purpose. So it’s worthwhile to try each one.

There are currently 16 spells and 3 blessings; additional spells will be added later, but this version was intended to improve everything.



“Take a look at my other side”

  • 600 Health (300 Hearts)
  • 8 Attack Damage
  • Inflicts Wither (2nd Phase)
  • When damage is taken to him, he has a chance to make a JoJo reference then explode. (No I will not elaborate. fight him and find out.)

When you use the Dark Horn, you can create the goat-demon Krampus. He draws a lot of inspiration from the holiday legendary creature. He cannot spawn spontaneously; only the player has the ability to spawn him.

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As of Version v2.0, he is the only way to obtain the three blessings.

Upon death, he drops:

  • Krampus Stick
  • 1 – 3 Frostcraft Crystals.
  • Drops any of the Blessing Tomes upon death. (More on that later.)

Krampus Stick


15 Attack Damage

Krampus throws away the krampus stick. It is a pile of sticks that Krampus uses to bash kids. Though in your hands? I don’t wish to consider it.

Let’s move on to the spells themselves and what they perform now that all of that has been cleared up.



(In creative mode, Spells can be found in the enchanted books section)

Quick Notes:

  • Most spells only work when crouching, so if a spell does not work first try, try crouching.
  • Most spells are used in exchange for hunger, so have food ready.

The following spells can be crafted by the Frostcraft Crystal in a stonecutter:

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Spell Tome: Dragons Wrath


“A spell tome conjured from the pure heat and rage of the Ender Dragon”

  • On use, shoots a Dragon Fireball
  • Cooldown: 5s

Spell Tome: Ghast’s Wrath


“A spell tome conjured from the pure agony of Ghasts.”

  • On Use while crouching, shoots a large fireball.
  • Cooldown: 2.5s

Spell Tome: Blizzard


“A spell tome conjured from the remains of an old icy kingdom.”

  • on use while crouching, freezes mobs in a 15 tile radius
  • Cooldown: 20s

Spell Tome: Iceade


“A spell tome conjured from the memory of a relentless frozen king.”

  • When thrown, shoots an ice block that freezes the air around it on contact
  • Cooldown: 2s

Spell Tome: XJump


“A spell tome conjured from the wild side of rabbits.”

  • When used, The user is boosted into the air.
  • Cooldown: 5s
  • Crouch to use

Spell Tome: Planetary Deflux


“A spell tome conjured from the science of shulkers.”

  • When used, all mobs in a 12 tile radius other than players are shot into the air.
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Crouch to use

“A grenade, but shoved into a spell book.”

  • When thrown, it’ll fly. until it lands. then boom like the original, but has a bigger explosion.
  • No Cooldown
  • It’s an exploding weapon, be cautious!

Spell Tome: Smoke Bomb


“A spell tome conjured from the dark parts of an assassin’s mind”

  • When used, the user is turned invisible and given a speed and attack boost
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Crouch to use

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check in

Spell Tome: Nuzlocke

Revamp Frostcraft money

“A spell tome conjured from the concept of the suffering of your enemies”

  • When used, mobs other than players in a 15 tick radius will be stunned for 10 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Crouch to use

Spell Tome: Frostscrap


“A spell tome conjured from the remembrance from the beginning.”

  • When used, An old, frosted Valkyrie willnbe summoned to fight for you.
  • The Valkyrie will lose health over time.
  • Cooldown: 20s
  • Crouch to use

Spell Tome: Throwable Lightning


“A spell tome conjured from the power of Zues.”

  • The book will summon lightning where it lands.
  • No Cooldown

Spell Tome: Frost Walker


“A spell tome conjured from the annoyance of traversing water.”

  • When used, The user will freeze water below them.
  • No cooldown
  • Is recommended to hold the button down when used.

Spell Tome: Magma Walker


“A spell tome conjured from the annoyance of traversing lave.”

  • When used, The user will harden the lave below them.
  • No cooldown
  • Is recommended to hold the button down when used.


The spell tome books known as blessings are specialized editions that have been given even greater power than the original tomes. They all provide a truly useful utility in exchange for a unique negative effect.

These artifacts can only be acquired through unique circumstances and cannot be made by a stonecutter.

Spell Tome: Blessing of Light


Spell Tome: Blessing of Light


“Forged from the power of a powerful ancient DJ”

When used, the book will play a dubstep beat. when played, mobs around the user will be marked. at the end of the song, these mobs will explode
Eats away hunger.
Cooldown: 20s

Spell Tome: Blessing of Rage


“Forged from the power of a powerful ancient drauger”

  • When used, greatly enhances strength at the cost of the user’s life force.
  • CROUCH and USE the book to ACTIVATE the book.
  • CROUCH and HIT a block to DEACTIVATE the book.
  • Use Cooldown: 30s


v2.0 Update: Frostcraft

  • Rebranded the addon from “Santa’s Spellshop” to “Frostcraft”
  • All spells have been retextured, revamped, and renamed.
  • Krampus has been remodeled
  • Krampus’ Second phase has been removed.
  • Krampus’ roar now makes him explode and affects the player.
  • Blessings have been buffed. like. a LOT
  • Most spells now have sound effects
  • Particle effects have been revamped
  • New release trailer
  • New art for just about everything


Like always, Installation instructions for EVERY platform.

IOS Installation tutorial:

ANDROID Installation Tutorial:

WINDOWS Installation Tutorial:

Grian skin

Download Frostcraft | v2.0 | .mcaddon

Frostcraft | v2.0 | .zip

Frostcraft: All Previous Versions

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