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Welcome to Riptide wars! This non-automated map takes Minecraft PvP to a new level, with a jungle-ruins themed map and lobby, and really fun game mechanics with no rules (at least no rules aren’t agreed upon by your 2-5 player party)!

I do suggest you read the description before importing this world, as there is some important information regarding your world! 

  • Amount of players: 2-5 (although you can practice a few maneuvers and techniques by yourself…)
  • Basic Mechanics: You use Riptide III enchanted tridents to launch yourself at your enemies, dealing damage.
  • This map is not automated (so no score, death count, etc.)
  • Map made by StringyAtom670

Here are some snapshots of the inside of this map!

This is what the spawn looks like when you import the world

Flicking the lever on this command block will send instructions on how to play this minigame, a few sample rules, and a couple of tips to help players while playing Riptide Wars.

There are two settings that your party may decide whether to turn on or not: Night vision and Jump Boost II.

The entrance to the enchanting room, where you may either enchant your trident manually, or type the provided command in the chat to enchant your trident via the “/enchant” command. If you do type the command, please note that the game rule “sendcommandfeedback” is set to false. You will only know that your trident is enchanted when you notice your trident is indeed enchanted with Riptide III.

A full panoramic view of the lobby, also featuring the mini lobby parkour I didn’t describe earlier. The large cube in the distance is the playing area, where the fun part will happen…

Since there is not much to show in the map itself, other than the command block on the tall pillar that teleports the user back to the lobby, I am only going to show a full panoramic view of the whole ruins-themed map.

Additional Information:

The rain is there so that the Riptide III tridents work… Please don’t turn the rain off!

There are a couple of chests you can find that are meant to be Easter eggs, so have fun with them!

You will notice that the file will have a funky name, but don’t change it! These are codes to format the text in the name of the world to really fit in with the theme of this PvP minigame.


This time, I added more images and made the description more clearer. I also showed more of the map in the description, and also mentioned in the introduction to check out the description before downloading.



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