ROG Phone II in short supply due to coronavirus outbreak


The Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak in China is wreaking havoc on the global supply chain. The virus has infected more than 14,500 people so far, which has prompted the US and governments in Europe and Asia to enforce new regulations to block visitors from China and screen returning citizens. On top of that, since China is the world’s largest exporter of intermediate manufactured products, the lack of imports from China has severely affected worldwide trade, depressed asset prices, and forced multinational companies to shut down stores and offices in the country. Taiwanese smartphone OEM ASUS is also feeling the brunt of the supply shortage. In a recent tweet, the company has revealed that its flagship ROG Phone II will be out of stock for a while.

In the tweet, ASUS has shared an open letter for fans that says, “We know you’ve been excited to get your hands on the ROG Phone II. While we have had steady availability for long, but due to the disruption in supply chain caused by the prevailing situation in Asia, ROG Phone II will face a temporary shortage. Rest assured we are working hard to ensure that your favorite gaming smartphone will be back in stock soon. We shall keep you updated. Thank you for your patience!” As of now, the ASUS ROG Phone II is out of stock on its official retail partner Flipkart’s website, however, the device is still available through third-party sellers on Currently, we have no information regarding when the device will be back in stock, but we’ll update this post as and when the ROG Phone II is available for purchase once again.

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