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Enjoy the sacred treasure of ESCANOR, of the seven deadly sins, in your survival.

Become a bearer of MAEL’s grace.

Although it is a bit simple addon, it is well worked and was created of course for anime fans.


If you are a fan of the anime “seven deadly sins” or also known as nanatsu no taisai then this is your mod. Now you can have the divine treasure of Escanor in your survival, with a slightly detailed crafting.

For all fans of the MAEL Grace Bearer.

This addon adds to your minecraft the ax of Escanor, the sacred treasure Rhitta, from the anime seven deadly sins, with its respective recipe and texture.

two new items were added:

-gold stick

-Escanor axe (RHITTA)

    Rhitta’s damage is 40, or 20 hearts.

gold stick crafting:

RHITTA crafting

You can also have these items using the command:

    / give @s with the identifier “sds:”

RHITTA gives you the following effects when you have it equipped in your hand:

I did it is how you become the powerful SCANNER, bearer of MAEL’s grace and member of the seven deadly sins.

follow me for more addons of the seven deadly sins or another anime.

I hope you liked it as it is my first published addon.

It also gives you the effects of: resistance 3, fire resistance and absorption 3, ALL THIS WHEN YOU HAVE IT IN HAND.

The mod was developed in BRIDGE by SOLVEDEV.

v0.1 addon hecho para windows 10, adroid, ios,

added rhitta crafting

added new item “gold_stick”


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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