SCP: JS Edition v1.2 (1.13+)


Did you think that the SCP Foundation could never be recreated very well in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?  You were wrong! This add-on adds 29 SCPs, other SCP Foundation related stuff and my own versions of existing SCPs for you to enjoy!

This version of the add-on is no longer a demo, there will not be any updates very soon because I want to work on my other projects, Stay tuned 😀

Any suggestions, feedback and bug reports will always be much appreciated! Leave them in my discord server here:

> Discord

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– Some features may not work properly on Multiplayer.
– Experimental gameplay must be turned on for the add-on to work.
– Add-ons are broken and inconsistent on mobile devices.

You should refer to the following document first if you encounter any problems:

SCP: JS Edition Help


All credits go to the creator(s) of SCP: Containment Breach game, and creators of other Minecraft Bedrock SCP add-ons.

Everything contained within this add-on is based on the SCP: Foundation and copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) license:


If you used any of my content (Maps, tutorials, resource packs, ETC.), for any of your own content, you MUST show me some respect and credit me by linking to my YouTube channel. You are NOT ALLOWED to re-upload this anywhere else or share the links directly.


Optional Features

All optional features are turned on by default, except for the Pocket Dimension

– PD: /function pdon  to turn on, /function pdoff  to turn off
– Sprint Bar: /function sprinton  to turn on, /function sprintoff  to turn off
– SCP Greifing: /function scpgriefon  to turn on, /function scpgriefoff  to turn off


– SCP-076-2: Attacks humans and the player. Turns into SCP-076-1 when killed and turns back into SCP-076-2 after 60 – 120 seconds.

  • Health: 1000
  • Damage: 9999
  • Movement: 0.5

– SCP-106: Can walk through any block. Immune to projectiles. Use femur breaker to distract and kill

  • Health: 500
  • Damage: 106
  • Movement: 0.27

– SCP-173-JS: Cannot move when in direct eye contact with by the player. Blink activates when 30 blocks near it. Attacks most humanoid entities.

  • Health: 10000
  • Damage: 1730
  • Movement: 0.92

– SCP-207: Gives wither 2 for 6 seconds and speed 3 for 15 seconds

– SCP-294: 6 Cups, cost 2 quarters per cup. Gives different effects so choose wisely!

– SCP-427: Hold to activate, gives regeneration 1 when held. Be careful not to hold for too long!

– SCP-420-JS:

WARNING: Very destructive

Keeps summoning ender crystals on you when held. Gives max resistance when held.

Tip: Use with elytra 🙂

– SCP-457. Attacks everything and destroys wood. Weak to water and has 2 texture variants.

  • Health: 80
  • Damage: 20
  • Movement: 0.23

– SCP-650: Teleports behind you when not observing it. Stop following me

– SCP-714: Gives resistance 4 and slowness 3 when held.

– SCP-914:

Can be useful in refining items. Be careful not to go too close when refining! Shift click to change modes.

> Rough:

             Playingcard – Nothing

             Diamond – Coal Block

> Coarse:

             Playingcard – Nothing

> 1:1:     

             Playingcard – Keycard 1

             Broom – Wooden Sword

             Diamond Sword – Trident

> Fine:

             Gas Mask – Super Gas Mask

             All keycard upgrades

             Emerald – Keycard 1

> Very Fine:

             Apple – Enchanted Golden Apple

             Iron Ingot – Iron Block

             Keycard 1 – Keycard 6 (Low Chance)

– SCP-966: Invisible unless you’re wearing Night Vision Goggles

  • Health: 60
  • Movement: 0.15
  • Damage: 1

– SCP-1025: Gives wither when held. Don’t read it!

– SCP-1507: Attack humans and the player. “Adults” crack the more damage they take.

  • Health: 20 + 5 hits
  • Movement: 0.26
  • Damage: 7

– SCP-049-JS: I am the cure

  • Health: 120
  • Damage: 20
  • Movement: 0.29

    All humans (including you) will turn into SCP-049-JS-2 if cured by SCP-049-JS

    – SCP-096-JS: 
    Distant Screaming  HA got’em!

  • Health: 50000
  • Attack: 99999
  • Movement: 0.6

    You can put a paper bag over it’s head so you can’t see it’s face. Lasts 120 seconds.
    Paper bag can be found in Facility 3

– SCP-939-JS (Has 3 different variations)

– SCP-610: Randomly infects blocks it stands on. Humans / Players turn into SCP-610 when killed by them.

  • Health: 75 / 75 / 150
  • Damage: 5 / 7
  • Movement: 0.25 / 0.28 /0.35

– SCP-079: Randomly opens doors, and plays annoying sounds

– SCP-330: Don’t take more than two!

– SCP-1074: Why am I in this painting? Why am I on my knees? 

– SCP-280

  • Health: 80
  • Damage: 7
  • Movement: 0.26

– SCP-035: If you wear the item 
(Tentacle Stats)

  • Health: 30
  • Damage: 7
  • Movement: 0

– SCP-001: Gate Guardian (Dr Clef’s Proposal)

Does nothing but stand still, until something hits it. When it gets hit, it ABSOLUTELY ANNIHILATES WHATEVER HIT IT

– SCP-3000 Juvenile: Wait why am I here again


Rebooting Systems






Foundation Stuff

All humans (except MTF) sleep during the night.

– MTF Unit Eta-10 (See No Evil): MTF unit. Attack Class D personnel and cognitohazardous SCPs

  • Health: 40
  • Movement: 0.25
  • Damage: 7 per bullet
  • Range: 32 blocks

– MTF Unit Epsilon-9, Fire Eaters: Attack SCPs and Class D Personnel

  • Health: 40
  • Movement: 0.25
  • Damage: 10 – 17 per bullet
  • Range: 8 blocks

– MTF Unit Epsilon-11, Nine Tailed Fox: Attack SCPs and Class D Personnel

  • Health: 40
  • Movement: 0.25
  • Damage: 7 per bullet
  • Range: 32 blocks

– Foundation Guards: Attack SCPs and Class D Personnel

  • Health: 40
  • Movement: 0.25
  • Damage: 7 per bullet
  • Range: 32 blocks

– Scientists: Different Level variants, 1 – 4. Each leveled scientist has different trades.  

  • HP: 20
  • Movement: 0.5
  • Worktable: Lectern (and Bookshelf)

– Janitor: Has some trades, gets rid of monsters and dirt in SCP facilities. 

  • HP: 20
  • Movement: 0.5
  • Damage: 20

– Doctor: Trades medkits

  • HP: 20
  • Movement: 0.5
  • Damage: 20

– Class D Personnel: Have a problem? Throw a Class D at it!

– Facility Doors

  • It is recommended to space them at least 2 blocks apart
  • Interact with the bottom half of the door to open it
  • Hold the destroyer item, sneak and interact with the door to destroy it
  • Hold the rotator item and interact to rotate the door
  • Hold the builder item and interact to change keycard levels (ON KEYCARD DOORS)

– Facility Blocks

Custom blocks with custom recipes! A list of all recipes can be found here:
> List of recipes

– Naturally Spawning SCP Facilities!
Facility blocks spawn around the world (must be in new chunks), breaking them will spawn a small room with SCP-076 in it or an SCP facility.

There are 4 types of facilities

Other Features

– Gas Mask: Increases movement speed and removes poison effect
– Super Gas Mask: Further increases movement speed and removes poison effect
– Night Vision Goggles: Gives night vision effect and allows you to see SCP-966
– Ballistic Vest: Gives extra 10 hearts of health at the cost of some movement speed.
– Sprint Bar: Works like a normal SCP: CB sprint bar
– Item phyiscs on certain items

– SCP-1499: Wearing it spawns an instance of SCP-1499-1

– SCP-035 Item: Wearing it gives wither and reduces movement speed. It corrodes blocks

– SCP-409: Dropping it crystallizes nearby blocks. Holding it will get you killed.


  • You can only equip items ONE AT A TIME, otherwise they will override each other.

Watch the trailer(s)!


Balance Changes, Small Bug Fixes, Survival Mode Improvements

Thanks to all those who took time to report bugs. Really appreciate it!

– SCP-106 Nerfs:

  • Reduced health (1006 > 500)
  • Increased movement speed very slightly
  • Reduced spawn rate

– Reduced computer and camera hitboxes

– Reduced chance of doors being in wrong position in SCP Facilities

– New way of spawning structures (credits to dakonblackrose)

  • Facility blocks spawn around the world (unloaded chunks)
  • When broken, can spawn a room with an SCP, or a facility .

– SCP-457, SCP-966, SCP-1507 and See No Evil squads can spawn (quite rarely) naturally

– Facilities now don’t clear a huge rectangle when spawned

– Femur Breaker balances:

  • Reduced health (6000 > 2000)
  • Increased recipe value (Get 3 per crafting instead of 1)

– Added a little more loot to the SCP facility

– /function startaddon now automatically runs every 5000 ticks

SCP: JS Edition v1.2 Changelog

YOU DO NOT NEED TO TYPE /function startaddon ANYMORE

– Added the following SCPs

> SCP-035
> SCP-049-JS
> SCP-096-JS
> SCP-280
> SCP-330
> SCP-1074
> SCP-001: Gate Guardian
> SCP-1499
> SCP-079
> SCP-939-JS
> SCP-610
> SCP-409

– Added 3 New Facilities

– Added Keycard Doors 

– Added Blast Door (only faces one side for now because I want to see
how well it works before I make it fully functional)

– Added Rotator, Builder, Destroyer (only found in facility3)

– Added Crafting Recipes for machines

– Added Flamethrower (SNEAK to shoot)
> Your heath is lowered when shooting (same for P-90)
> Does 10 – 17 damage per bullet

– Added MTF Unit Epsilon-9, Fire Eaters

– Added MTF Unit Epsilon-11, Nine Tailed Fox

– Added Foundation Guards

– Improved SCP-3000 behaviors

– Reduced SCP-3000 size to reduce chances of gettting stuck

– New SCP-3000 model by Angious2004

– Improvements to Optimization, and overall add-on performance

– New SCP Greifing settings (/function scpgriefoff to turn off and
/function scpgriefon to turn on)

– All optional features are turned on by default, except for pocket dimension

– Humans, SCP-035, SCP-049-JS, SCP-049-Js-2, can now open doors

– Added Button (thx to Bendy the Demon18, it is another way of opening doors)
> Punch the button to open / close a door (button must be placed within 2 blocks on a door’s shadow

– Re-worked tutorial

– And much more!



You can refer to the following links as well:
> iOS

1) Go to files app, navigate to downloads. You should see the name of the pack there.

2) Copy this file over to Documents by Readdle app

3) Rename the .mcaddon to .zip. Press use .zip

4) Rename it back to .mcaddon Press use .mcaddon

5) Now open it, press more and press copy to minecraft. It should work now


Supported Minecraft versions


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