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SCP: site 60 is a map inspired by the horror game SCP Containment Breach. This map is versatile as it can be used as a mod showcase for YouTube, a role playing world or just to explore. This map relies on 4 mods and 2 texture packs. This map will hopefully be updated weekly with small changes like a containment room redesign or small details added.

NOTE: the mods are not mine and I had nothing to do with them and the same goes for the texture packs!
scp js edition: scp js edition
scp foundation addon: scp foundation
scp vehicles: scp vehicles
2004 scp: 2004 scp


in scp-079’s room, there is a lot of empty space. comment on what I could build in this space.

converted to scp js edition

added scp 553-crystalline butterflies

next update will include the entrance zone

changed containment rooms of:




added scp-063-worlds greatest tothbrush (it’s meant to be spelt that way)

added scp 178/3D glasses

added scp 457/the burning man

small details added

added scp-178/the 3d glasses

added scp 457/the burning man

scp js edition v2 is going to be implemented soon


recommended to play on windows 10 edition on 1.14. if not on windows 10 edition on 1.14 it will either not download or blocks will be missing


Supported Minecraft versions


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