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Have you ever wanted a new weapon in Minecraft? Well Introducing SHELOB addon. It adds 2 brand new mobs as well as a recipe for the weapon. Defeat a couple of the mobs and you will get the weapon.
Please note that this addon is small and I involved all details okay?

Meet the assasinator he is tall and jump very high and he has 80 hp and spawn in jungle and drop green nuggets

SHELOB is a weak boss and kinda easy he throw tridents at you, 575 hp he hate drowns and rarely spawns in jungle also drops the suspicious looking blaze rod

Now with green nuggets and the suspicious looking blaze rod you can craft the hyper axe

DISCLAIMER:Recipe doesn’t work yet

Hyper axe does 22 damage and give you so much buffs

Note: this addon will be updated into the future

Added mediafire link so anyone can easily download addon and use it for survival

Just changed the desc a bit plz admins I CANT MAKE A PUBLIC LINK becuz my stuff is limited please understand nothing is going to bother me…

Fixed the featured image so it can be more proper.

Changed the featured image again like sheesh admins I’m trying to save space…

Changed the featured image so it’s Minecraft related basically the boss was inspired by Lord of the rings and better dungeons mod (the featured image isn’t mine I just tried to recreate the boss in mcpe don’t judge me)

Small tiny bug fix where the textures refused to work


I hope the textures work 100%


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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