Shipments Inc. (Freeroam Demo 0.0.1)


Story: You were accepted to work in Shipments Inc., the biggest company in the World focusing on childrens, to make toys for childrens to make them entertain. You were working there for 8 years. Until your Manager betrayed you to let you stay till 12am And lock you Down inside of building with 3 Animatronics… Will you Survive And escape? 

Small information from Creator: this is Just a Freeroam demo 0.0.1, where you can look around to know, Where am i spending my free time on. The map Will get more Updated And detailed until it Will be done for making it into a story mode.


Things for you to coming soon:

> Unique Story

> 3 deadly animatronics

> Scary Jumpscares (Maybe) 

> 2 endings

> S… S… SS….. Sequel???!? 


Trailer video: Coming soon

My youtube channel:

My twitter, where im posting updates on Shipments Inc.:

Discord server: do you want? <:/>


1. Download the map

2. Wait until it downloads

3. Click on it and wait

4. Done! Now you can play! 


Supported Minecraft versions


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