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Introduce deer to your Minecraft worlds! Sika deer are majestic animals that can be found all around the world. This addon brings both doe and stag sika deer to Minecraft,  and you can have fun exploring taiga biomes to try and find the different colour variations.

Deer Variations

Male and female deer spawn in your Minecraft worlds in three colour variations:

  • the common tawny coloured Sika with white spots
  • the reddish-brown Sika
  • the rare albino Sika

All colour variations spawn in taiga biomes but you can also find the tawny and brawn variations in normal forests.


Sika deer will drop raw venison and leather (plus experience) when killed.

Raw venison can be cooked in furnace to get cooked venison which will fill more hunger bars (4 bars apposed to 1½).

But be careful killing the stags as they will attack back.

Successfully kill a stag and you may be treated with an antler.

Collect two antlers and get yourself a leather helmet to craft a pair of antlers. You can wear these antlers.

To wear the antlers right click (windows 10) or long press (mobile) while holding the item. They will be applied to your helmet slot. WARNING! DO NOT APPLY THESE WHILE WEARING A HELMET, YOU WILL LOOSE THE HELMET

The antlers can be worn with armor.

When the antlers are equipped they will provide you with two extra hearts to help you out from those sticky situations. And they look AWESOME!

Deer cannot be tamed but they are breedable. To breed the deer you will require sweet berries, a stag and a doe. You can use sweet berries and wheat to feed and age deer.

Perhaps on your adventure you encountered a band of pillagers and were infected by the bad omen effect, you have just found a village in a taiga biome but are scared to go in as you will start a raid. Fear not! Find yourself a doe and milk it.

More images:

Any feedback is welcome, enjoy the addon!

Textures and art by @hamurrr


To gain full functionality of this addon, you will need to enable experimental gameplay in your world.

If you are going to upload a review of this addon to YouTube, please credit me and only provide the download links that are on this site. Thank you!


  • Download both the resource and behavior packs (you will need to wait 10 seconds on the download website)
  • Create a new world and enable experimental gameplay
  • Enjoy!


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