Sim 4 Players Make Luxurious Trailer Homes to Celebrate New Alien-Themed Content


Alien shenanigans are imminent with today’s release of new Sims 4 game pack Strangerville. To celebrate, players are making decked-out trailer homes for their Sims like the one featured in the pack’s trippy video teaser.

Strangerville has some serious early-2000s teen drama Roswell vibes. The town, as seen in the video, is out in the middle of the desert, surrounding a military base. It’s giving simmers a lot of inspiration for new builds to play on once the pack comes out.

I actually built a cute little trailer home last night. Emphasis on “little.”

I like trying to make tiny houses in The Sims, and making something that feels fresh within the limits of the trailer template actually makes it easier to flex my creative muscles. You get to thinking, how can I make something that looks like my tastes within these boundaries? It’s a fun challenge.

Other simmers seem to agree. On the subreddit, they’re making trailer homes like crazy. This one from Gothheart is overgrown with flowers and adorable.

I also like MemesxDrawr’s pastel interpretation.

Blastriot’s trailer is probably the most “realistic” of the bunch. It’s still awfully inviting.

There’s also quite a few cute trailers on the Gallery, an in-game repository of player-made Sims and houses that you can download to your own game. The amount of detail in this trailer from Nikkamore is unbelievable.

Screenshot: Nikkamore

HortenseMaj recreated the trailer from the Strangerville preview video, and it looks amazing.

Screenshot: HortenseMaj

I love the lights on this trailer from Macleanne04—I definitely want to play in this one.

Screenshot: Macleanne04

What I really love about these trailer homes is that they’re packed with personality and love. It almost makes me want to live in one in real life. Alas, for now, I’ll have to settle for making one in The Sims.

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