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Don’t want to start a survival world with nothing? Don’t like building bases? Well, do I have a world for you! Simple Survival Cabins includes a main base with all the basic necessities and more!

Simple Survival Includes:

-A main house with multiple furnaces, all tools, a full set of leather armour, a bed, a double chest, a single chest on the second floor, and some other special resources.

-A storage house that has four double chests.

-A dock connected to a nearby river with a boat.

-A nearby village.

Here are some photos of the world:

The first floor of the main house:

The second floor of the main house:

The storage house:

The inside of the stroage house:

The docks connected to the river:

There is a village not to far just across the river:

If you’re going to review this world in a video, please use the link to the page instead of using your own, along with credit. Thanks!


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