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Simplycraft is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Survival, Economy server, made for players to experience the vanilla aspect of Minecraft, with a cool and unique twist! Experience the vast economy, and rank up with other players to take over the world, or relax, and start a farm, its all up to you!

Minecraft Survival, made Simple.

Simplycraft was founded in late 2017, with the main goal of becoming something different. We know that everyone loves bare bones survival, but when we looked at other servers, we could tell that they were all missing something. We are so much more than a server that ‘Drops you in to a survival landscape’. We strive to add new features, and update our 
economy! Things like land claims, and features like crates!

Non-Pay to win Economy.

We know that players love playing with others, and we make sure that our economy is not pay to win, we have features for all players to make money!

How to play:
Start by heading to the shop and using your 500 Mana that your receive upon joining.
You can buy pretty much anything you want, but its best to start out by making a farm, and selling the crops in the shop

Once you start getting more and more Mana, you can buy ranks! Ranks give you rewards, these rewards mostly consist of Crate Keys (Netherstars) that can be used to open crates in the crate area! Once you buy a rank, the next one unlocks, until you reach the final rank, at which you rebirth!

Rebirths are cool, because you restart from fresh, losing all your ranks, and mana, as well as items in your inventory, but you don’t loose claims, or builds, or even enderchest data. Once you rebirth you will have access to the new traits that will be coming shortly, these traits will allow you to, have permanent effects, even lasting through rebirths.

But, thats not all, the more money you have, the more land you can claim, meaning you can make bigger basses, that cant be raided by other players!

What are you waiting for? Join today!

PORT: 19132


Please make sure to report any bugs you see, in our discord! Feel free to donate as well!

(Donate for ranks, crates, and cool effects!)

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