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In a world where everything you need is within reach, and have easy to get (and make) anything you like in survival. Get any blocks, items, and even entities with only 2 presses of a button, SimplySurvival will have all the things you need in order to build, crate, and design without creative.

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Start off with a choice between easy and hard mode. Easy mode, including super enchanted armor, and tools with an ender chest and 6 stacks of rockets. One set of adventure tools and armor, and another home set of tools and armor. Hard mode not including anything at all, with a confirmation to tell if you want to use hard mode. Have all the ores, food, armor, animals, potions, etc. You want within reach. Everything is inside of one building, ready for expansion when new updates roll out. Everything categorized first by biome, then by similarities and then extra blocks. When the time comes, the building will expand upwards when more storage is need.  All blocks from grass and stone, to neather update blocks, such as respawn anchors and neatherite are available to use. The building is a reference to modern houses and color pallettes using the colors: whitE, gray, and light blue. Go ahead and download the mcpack or zip file and leave a 5 star rating!

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Skip the ad fly, and then download. Easy 2 steps. If your on a phone, go to desktop site, on iphone, on latest versions like 9.0 and up, press and hold the refresh button and press “desktop site.” On android 8.0 and up, press the 3 lines at the bottom and press “go to desktop site.”


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