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The last update of this map is almost two months and we want to make this map more features and presenting Skycubes 1.1! We also added a new cube type.

In this photo, here is how the cubes looks like near spawn. Some cubes have structures, some has farms, or even treasures and gifts! There are also three types of cubes.

Here is another photo of how the map looks like in the top!

Small Cube

A small cube size is just 5×5 (inside the cube). These cubes mostly contains farms, trees, some resources, and even a treasure and gifts! Some small cubes has a cobblestone generator or a broken nether portal. One more thing, more than half of the cubed in the map are these cubes.

Normal-sized Cubes

The spawn is a normal cube, mean it’s size is 10×10 (inside cube). A normal cube always contains only one biome, and some of the normal cube has even structures that fill inside a 10×10 cube (like dungeons and igloos) I also added 4 new normal-sized cubes, contains structures!

Large Cube

Large cubes are the biggest type of cubes, which twice the size of a normal cube. There are only four large cubes, which has a plains biome, a jungle biome, a jungle temple, the old and new village, a stronghold, a mineshaft, pillager outpost, and two dungeons.

Microcube (New type!)

Microcube is the newest cube in the map. The map only has 3×3 (inside) and it commonly contains chest with loot, or rarely random blocks. There is 16 microcubes around the map.

If you want to see the changes, just read the change logs.

•New cube called the microcube

•Added four new normal-sized cubes

•There are now 80 cubes around the map.


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