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Have you ever wanted to build something weird, something out of the ordinary, something that is unique, this map makes completely random builds based on the movement of slimes, this is because slimes jump to move. This does not mean this is going to summon a random build BUT summoning the slimes has an extremely low chance of a build being perfectly the same as another, this is because of the movement pattern of slimes is completely random, and they jump jump upwards.

With a single press of a button, slimes summon, and start building something quite like this. Below, is a brief video of the slimes building in this map.

Notice it’s made of sea lanterns, but don’t let that make you think the map isn’t customizable, this map allows you many, many blocks, time settings, slimes settings and more, all within pressing a few buttons. You can build daytime structures which will look better in daytime within a selection of a button. Slime settings allow you to control mostly of how it looks like.

You want it high and wide? Press the speed and jump button, You want it high only? Press the jump button. You want more slimes? Press the summon slimes button again. You want it wide only? Press the speed button. Slimes are falling to their death? Press the slow falling button.

You customize the weather to your liking, you customize time to your liking, you choose one of the selected blocks (sorry we just can’t have 256+ buttons).

This is however best experienced with shaders. You can find some shaders in a different submission. This makes slimes build magnificent customized structures within 10 minutes, an entire structure is complete. When they hit height limit, the slimes will no longer build up, but rather, they spread horizontally and this is when it makes it better.

Below is a brief video of how customization and everything works (it’s only a minute and a half)

Submit your builds on our subreddit (linked near download) or our discord (also linked near download).


Please do not complain in the comments about adfly. Please do not advertise or attempt to lure people out of this in the comments. Please do NOT say “Oh I can make this with commands” because this is made with commands, the customization exists to make it more convenient. This idea is original. Comments are not the fastest way to contact us, on the comments, a reply will take a while.

An example of luring people away from this, because it does work.

I do have the tag creation maps because it makes you create things, please let me know if that’s not right (in discord or a post on the subreddit).

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