SpaghettiJet’s Cessna 172 Airplane Addon


Are you looking for a good plane addon? There are other ones that add in different types of vehicles, but they aren’t the same…

Well, here’s my Cessna plane addon….

It adds a simple little single engine propellor plane.

So, as said in the introduction, this addon is very simple. It just adds a single engine aircraft that even has an animated propellor (it’s moving).

How do you fly it?

It’s easy to use, you just might have to get used to it though.

Look up to fly up and look down to descend. You will not need any fuel or anything like that.

This is based off the Cessna Skyhawk 172, but I know I got a lot of things wrong with the model and other things… So don’t be mad at me plz

I’m not sure if you need experimental gameplay but maybe just enable it to be safe


I didn’t steal any code from the plane addon, but I recommend that you check it out anyway because it’s very similar to this addon:


The link is mediafire… so I think it works


Supported Minecraft versions


Source link


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