Spectrum Shader

Returns the Spectrum shader with realistic images to maximize your gaming experience. Its main feature is that it can be used on low-end systems. If you don’t trust me, try it out for yourself. 1 GB RAM – 2 GB RAM It’s vital to keep in mind that it’s only compatible with (Android/os).

Cre: TheAlexanderツ (Youtube, Twitter

Spectrum Shader Feature

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– Sunrise and sunset

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– Day and night color

–  Realistic waters 

–  The Nether 


  • Coloration of the world
  • Lighting coloring
  • Beautiful and realistic sky
  • Shadow (below block)
  • Realistic waters
  • Water wave
  • Underwater caustic and waves Shaking leaves and plants
  • Reflection of the sun in the water and some surfaces (Day / Night)
  • Fog like in the nether and end
  • Above all and more importantly low end Gb 1.0 ram E


Check out the official trailer to learn more about this shader. Also by watching this video you are helping me

Some Shaders Minecraft PE you can check more in Mcpeaddons.com: 


  • Use this mcpedl link if you want to share this shader.
  • Please do not create another link for this shader.
  • Please ask me for permission first, if you want to use any code from this shader.
  • This shader may not be supported on some devices, if so tell me about the error on my Discord
  • Special thanks @RDBTOfficial1 (Creator of the Rues shader) for the realistic sky code ?lt;3
Spectrum Shader



Please help me with something to motivate me to keep updating the shader constantly 🙂 https://paypal.me/alexander010106


Update v2.0!!!

  • Reflection of the sun in the water and some surfaces (Day / Night)
  • New beautiful water
  • Added movement under water
  • Improvements in rain mist, Nether and End
  • Better shaking leaves and plants
  • New world coloring
  • New more realistic sky
  • New lighting in the End
Spectrum Shader

Spectrum shader v2.0 Renewed. Mcpack or File Drive

Spectrum shader v2.0 Renewed. Zip

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