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Steam Game With ‘Very Positive’ Reviews is Free for Limited Time

Today, a critically acclaimed Steam game is being made freely available for a limited time.

“Cube Destroyer,” an action puzzle game available for Windows, macOS and Linux, has been universally praised for its unique aesthetic, challenging gameplay and interactive soundtracks. Players take on the role of an intrepid robot seeking to escape from a mysterious technologic cube. To traverse the seven levels of the cube, the little robot must solve a series of puzzles using cunning and skill.

The game’s developers, Namap Games, have elected to make the game free of charge for a limited period in order to promote their other titles. “Cube Destroyer” has so far received “Very Positive” reviews across Steam, with players praising its pace, mechanics and difficulty.

“Cube Destroyer” is available until the 15th of October on the Namap Games website and Steam. If you’re looking for an engaging, visually striking and challenging game to play, now is your chance to experience the acclaimed title with no need to pay a dime.

‘Very Positive’ Steam Game is Free to Download for Limited Time

Do you love playing games on Steam, but usually find their prices too high? This week, one of the highest-rated games on the platform is free to download for a limited time, so you can sample what the platform has to offer.

Which Game is Free?

The game receiving all the attention is “Northgard”, a strategy game from developer Shiro Games. It features:

  • Historical Viking Theme: Take control of a Viking clan and explore, battle and build your way through the wilderness of Northgard
  • Engaging Strategy Gameplay: Discover new technologies, achievements and trade with other players, as you attempt to survive harsh winters and fight off rival Vikings to seize control of the island of Northgard
  • Rich Visuals: Enjoy engaging visuals, brought to life with Shiro’s signature Viking-inspired animation and artwork

How Long Is the Offer Available?

The free offer will last until Thursday, October 10th. That means you have just a few days to take advantage of this chance to get your hands on the game.

How to Download the Game

To download the game, head over to the game’s store page on Steam and select the “add to your library” button. It’s that easy!

Is It Worth Downloading?

The answer is a definite Yes! Northgard has received “very positive” reviews from users, with pride of place as the top-rated Steam game this week. Don’t miss this opportunity to try out an exciting and visually stunning strategy game for free!

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