Steam Update Revamps In-Game Overlay, Lets You Watch Movies While Gaming

The Steam gaming network has recently released an update that revolutionizes how gamers can use the platform. The new update revamps the in-game overlay, adding a host of exciting new features.

The biggest change with the update is the introduction of an in-game movie player. Now, gamers can access movies, TV shows, and other video content right within the game. The in-game overlay also allows users to control playback without having to leave the game window.

As well as allowing gamers to watch movies while they play, the update also adds several other features. Players can access chat and social features, view their latest achievements, and join group discussions. The update also adds the ability to quickly access help and support for the game.

The update should be a major improvement for gamers, providing an easy and intuitive way to access the most popular features within Steam. The movie player is likely to be the star of the show, giving gamers a great new way to relax and enjoy their gaming experience.

Overall, the update should prove to be a welcome addition for gamers on the Steam platform, providing plenty of new features that are sure to make using the platform a more enjoyable experience.

Steam Update Revamps In-Game Overlay, Lets You Watch Movies While Gaming

Valve’s popular digital game store, Steam, is getting a major update that will finally let users watch movies and manage their game library without ever leaving their game.

The new In-game Overlay feature is available to all users through the latest update and brings with it a host of features that was previously not available. Here are some of the new features:

In-Game Overlay

  • Allows you to access your Steam library from within any game.
  • Pause your game and launch Netflix, Amazon Prime or the Steam store within seconds.
  • View your in-game stats and leaderboard without exiting the game.
  • Remotely chat with other steam users and view newsfeeds.

Movie and TV streaming

  • Watch movies, TV shows or browse Steam’s library while playing your game.
  • Netflix, Amazon Prime and Vudu supported.
  • Seamlessly switch between your game and streaming services.

Game Library Management

  • Organize your game library with ease.
  • View Friends and Recent tabs to see what your friends are playing and your last played games.
  • Manage your library with tags, categories and filters.

The new Steam update definitely puts the store a step ahead of the competition and adds some great features to the platform. With the In-game Overlay, gamers can now watch movies or manage their library while playing their favourite games.

It’s great to see Steam providing this level of service andI’m sure many gamers will be taking advantage of it!

By aadhu

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