Storyteller Review – Tale As Old As Time

The art of story-telling is a timeless tradition, treasured in cultures across the globe. The reappearance of the classic fairy tales in recent years has been a welcome development and the worldwide release of Storyteller brings fresh life to some of our favourite stories.

Produced by Endemol Shine, Storyteller is a unique and wonderful experience, masterfully blending together true-to-life tales with music and animation. It features the voice talents of some of Hollywood’s bright stars including Jennifer Aniston, Jack Black, Christian Bale, Geoffrey Rush and others.

The tales they tell were originally created and written by renowned author J. K. Rowling as part of a songbook that was later turned into a feature film.

Each of the tales follows a classic story but with a twist, often taking on a modern flavour to appeal to a wider audience. There are fairy tales, fables and morality plays, as well as heart-warming stories about friendship and discovery.

The stunning visuals and music of this collection are just as engrossing and entertaining as the stories themselves. Every scene is packed with detail and colours, from the intricate paper cut-outs of the characters to the animated sequences.

The stories told in Storyteller carry a powerful message of hope and resilience. It is proof that even in a world filled with technology and gadgets, some stories are timeless and never stop inspiring us.

Storyteller is a modern take on classic tales, offering something for all ages. It is sure to bring joy to families and keep them enthralled for many years to come.

A Storyteller’s Tale As Old As Time Review

Storyteller’s Tale As Old As Time is a game that combines classic storytelling with modern video game mechanics. As a player, you’re tasked with re-living the classic stories of literature and rewriting them in a way that fits the modern world. It’s a game that requires players to be creative and use their imagination, as well as be engaged with the storytelling elements.


The gameplay of Tale As Old As Time is a unique blend of storytelling and puzzle-solving. Players must explore the world, interact with the characters and objects around them, and experiment with different solutions and pathways throughout each story. By using different methods, like combining objects, manipulating the environment, and using logic, players must find a way to complete the objectives of each story.

Visuals & Audio:

The visuals in Tale As Old As Time are stunning. The game is designed to look like a storybook, with the vibrant colors, detailed animations and the 3D characters creating a whimsical and immersive experience. The soundtrack is also beautiful, with a variety of music styles, all of which add to the atmosphere of the game.


The storytelling in Tale As Old As Time is top-notch. Each story has its own unique plot, with an interesting twist, and new surprises along the way. The stories are also well-written and engaging, and the characters feel believable and three-dimensional.


  • Unique blend of storytelling and puzzle-solving
  • Beautiful visuals and soundtrack
  • Engrossing stories and well-written characters


  • Can be a bit challenging for younger players
  • Animations can be a bit choppy in places

In conclusion, Tale As Old As Time is a great game for those who enjoy a good story. It’s an engrossing and enjoyable experience that combines classic storytelling and modern video game mechanics. The visuals and audio are amazing, the stories are captivating, and the characters are memorable. If you’re looking for a game with a unique story-based experience, you can’t go wrong with Storyteller’s Tale As Old As Time.

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