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Hello! I’m Cael. I have been working on this world since November. It’s still a WIP so it’s being upgraded day by day!! Hope you enjoy! Sorry for the messy invintory. For any queries leave them in the comments or email me @

Please DONT make it look like you made the world yourself and upload it on any social platforms!! At least tag me! Use the hash 

Birds Eye

Mall (WIP)

Train Station

Theater (Redstone Build)

This world is quite big so you might want to make a map to find your way around. (There is a map in the nether) You can E.G explode the world with TnT or light it on 🔥.

Thanks I hope you enjoy this world. I’ve been on it since 2019 November, it’s sometimes worked super well and other times it has failed. Again DONT MAKE IT “YOUR” world (As in publish a copy with your name everywhere) Thanks, Cael

Again it is a WIP

I don’t want the world to be up anymore. Please delete this, Admins.

Changed the link (hopefully)

Fixed redstone issues

Placed some blocks

Changed all of the wording in the paragraphs there is

Updated what versions

Changed some tags

Added some more things in the world

(EG touch ups)


Click the link ( ) then hit the 3 dots in the top right and scroll down untill you find download and hit that then open up the world from there! ( If it doesn’t work move it into your Minecraft world folder)

Have Fun and Enjoy!!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

Source link


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