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Super Mario Mashup Pack 1.18.12+ – MCPE AddOns

Bedrock, Colorful World Fight With Bowser’s Troops And Use Mario Powerups, Live In A Mushroom House, Or Even Create A Super Mario Level In Creative Mode With Blocks Themed Around The Mario Universe.

Cre: SMarioG (Youtube, Twitter)

Super Mario Mashup Pack

The exclusive texture pack for Nintendo systems is the Super Mario Mashup Pack. Any Bedrock platform can now be used! There have been several recreations (tested on Android and Windows 10) but this is the BEST AND MOST COMPLETE OF THEM ALL. Below are some photos.

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com: 

All Musics Have Been Included!

The main menu

With a blue UI similar to that of the Nintendo Switch.

Doors of different materials

Some Blocks


The texture pack’s “32×32” “HD” version is currently in development, however a demo is available, as shown below.


  • Graphic Improvements In Old Spawn Eggs. 
  • New Icons Thanks To Super David 64. 
  • Twisted Hatch By Maxi Pato. 
  • Crimson hatch by Maxi Pato.
  • Algae By Maxi Pato. 
  • Zoglin by Maxi Pato.
  • Phantom by Maxi Pato

Any errors please report it on my discord https://discord.gg/Fz9c88sAKK


You are free to make a review, but remember to put ONLY the MCPEDL link. There are no ads! and give credit to the Mashupers team and myself



Trailer:   https://youtube.com/embed//PCmYxxP9cso

Sorry for My Bad English XD.

Super Mario Mashup Pack

Download Super Mario Mashup Pack (Normal – includes 32x and all music!)

Download Super Mario Mashup Pack (Lite – 1-2gb ram, no 32x minor music)

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