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Do  you wanted to play a Simulator. Then you are right here. Here you have to kill new monsters and get coins for it. It gave new many swords. Please share it with your friends. If you have good ideas or have found a bug, please report it in the comments

In multi-player it can gave bugs e.g only one get coins. 

Kill new monsters and get coins. 

You can buy thinks with coins

Monster didn’t gave always coins but often. 

How Dose it work? 

Monsters can drop items like gold block if you take them they cler it fork your inventory and you get coins. 

With the Coins you can buy stars with stars you can buy new Swords. 

With Coins you can also buy New arenas 

It gave many new Swords. 

The first sword is free but the other cost stars

It gave 5 arenas more will coming soon 

The monsters in the better arenas gave you more coins if you kill them but the monsters in better area as have more HP. 


Don’t Cheat 

Have fun

And please don’t use bug 

The next Update will come in one week



He has test the map and help me alot 

I have now written more. I have now written everything that is currently available.


Supported Minecraft versions


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