T-Mobile expands 5G network, Sprint customers get LTE roaming


T-Mobile and Sprint officially completed their merger at the beginning of this month. While some of the eventual benefits will take a while to be put in motion, others can be rolled out sooner. Today, T-Mobile is announcing a number of immediate changes, including expanding its network with Sprint’s spectrum.

First, T-Mobile is expanding its 5G network with the addition of Sprint’s 2.5GHz mid-band spectrum. This is now live in parts of Philadelphia and will be coming soon to parts of New York City. Once live in NYC, it will be the first city with low-band, mid-band, and mmWave 5G. Mid-band 5G, as you might expect, is in-between the low-band and mmWave frequencies in terms of coverage area and maximum speeds. T-Mobile boasts peak download speeds of 600Mbps with this 2.5GHz spectrum. The Sprint OnePlus 7 Pro 5G currently takes advantage of the mid-band frequencies for 5G connectivity, but soon more 5G-capable devices will benefit from this expanded network, including the upcoming OnePlus 8 5G.

Speaking of which, the second announcement from T-Mobile is that Sprint customers with the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G will get access to T-Mobile’s sub-6GHz (600MHz) low-band 5G network in more than 5,000 locations across the United States. Support for connecting to T-Mobile’s 5G network will be rolling out later this month. T-Mobile has also announced that they are expanding their low-band 5G network to Detroit, St. Louis, and Columbus, Ohio.

Today’s news isn’t only about 5G, though. Perhaps the most important news of the day is that Sprint customers can now roam on T-Mobile’s LTE network. This means that Sprint customers will immediately have more than double the LTE sites, providing much better coverage in some areas. If you’re a Sprint customer who previously had spotty LTE coverage, things could get a lot better now. These announcements are just the beginning of what’s in store for the carrier following the Sprint merger.

Source: T-Mobile

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