TDPE Shaders

TDPE Shaders is a Minecraft PE Shader pack that seeks to improve the game’s graphics by making them more realistic and appealing. This shader improves several graphical aspects of the game, however you can disable any of the features using shader settings if you don’t like them.

This shader may not be compatible with Windows 10 editions.

Cre: TheDoubleAP (Youtube)

TDPE Shaders (1.2)

Some feature from this shader:


  • Water Waves
  • Underwater distortion
  • Underwater Effect
  • Underwater Sun beams
  • Sun beams
  • Sun Reflection
  • Player Shadow
  • Rain Effect
  • Shader Settings (which can be found in TDPE Shaders/shaders/glsl/Shader_Settings/shadersettings.h)


Some other Shader packs Minecraft PE, it’s available in you can check them now:

  • Rewanston Shader: Hypercolor v0.5
  • Ultra Realismo Shader V1.4 (Android/iOS)
  • Zephyx Shaders! | Shader for Minecraft PE

Also, because I’m not active on Twitter, you can suggest features on my discord server:


  • New Water Texture
  • Made 3D shadow less bendy
  • Added rain puddle effect
  • fix invisibility on some devices (NOTE: The shader may look glitchy some devices)
mcpeaddons download

Download Shaders (Mediafire)

Download file Zip

Download Shader (Drive)

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