Testing Chambers: A Puzzle Map


A map that incorperates the core mechanics of a Minecraft puzzle map into a short experience, consisting with 5 base levels to get you familiar with the map and one mega level that incorperates everything into one place.

Testing Chambers is a short puzzle map that tests your skills in various elements of typical puzzle maps. Taking an average of 5-10 minutes to complete, this short map guides you through several test chambers which each bringing a new challenge to it.

There are five standard levels which test your knowledge in Codebreaking, Pathfinding, Quest Completing, Memorising and Coordination to prepare you for the final stage of the map, where all of those elements are combined into one chamber, making you use all you have previously learnt in order to finish the map!

Thanks to the many people who helped me create this map, including:

  • DylanPlays
  • EarnedCupid9625
  • Ti0nYay
  • and Many Others!

I hope you enjoy playing!


There are two ways that you can download the file for this map:

  1. The Ad-Free, MCPEDL Link
  2. The Shorte.st Link

The MCPEDL link will just give you the download, without supporting me. The Shorte.st link will show an abundance of annoying ads, but will give me a small amount of support.

Your choice! 🙂


Supported Minecraft versions


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