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Hello !

My name is Tausopy. I’m a builder / redstoner / jumper / designer and i decided to combine all of these in a map.

A little bit of context : 

Few weeks ago I tryout to download few maps for review textures packs and test them on my own. But unsuccessfully no one were like I wanted them to be. So I decide to take the best of all these maps for create THE ULTIMATE MINECRAFT WORLD RESSOURCES PACKS REVIEW MAP (all the map has been created by me and nothing has been copy / pasted)

                    W A R N I N G                    

This map is a V1 / V2 and only a map for try texture pack. It may not be at your taste !

Objectives :

This texture pack review world map is here for you to try / judge / experiment texture pack that you could have download from the internet. I want you to appreciate this V1 of the map and enjoy it and feel confortable using / playing it.

this map have been made by me, and only me.

you are able to

– Record videos on it

– Detroy it

– Check Command block

– Enjoy the map

you are not able to :

– Republish my map without crediting me or asking me the permission 

– Sell my map to others 

Description of the map :

I wanted a bit of originality for my map. So every button play a different minecraft sound ! (Isn’t it incredible ? – probably not)

The map is build on a full void Minecraft template world.

So the design of the world is a cave. 

this map contains 5 differents bioms for try all the blocks. In every bioms you have a summon mob button for summon the different mobs of the specific bioms your in. 

You can go to the nether with a button for see this dimension. 

You have have a wool zone.

A painting zone.

And a jump zone

but will you success to find the 10 hidden signs with write « this is a secret » on it ?

(this is the second minigame of the map jump + find the sign)


Hey guys ! I’ve recently create a map (for review texture pack) and you can use it.


Normally everything you have to know is on the description of the map !

I built it by hand. (From A to Z)

What is new in V2 ?

2 new bioms add (desert & end)

A mining zone

Correction of some commands block issue

More light inside the map 

A tools wall

Enchanted armors

Enchantment button  

Correction of grammars faults in the description of the map

Changelog :

I edit the writing Of the description for not making people confused. This is not a remake of any map. All single blocks of this world have been place by my own hand. Every content of this submission is mine.

hope you enjoy the map !


The link will direct you to a folder download. 

Download the folder. Inside of this folder there is a .Zip of the world AND a .McWorld of the world.

If you decide to download the .McWorld directly open it with Minecraft (like all .McWorld)

But if you download it with the .Zip, then press it to have the world folder, and move this folder to Minecraft > game > com.mojang > Minecraft_worlds (I think this is the right order)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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