The City of Greendale Alpha v0.2.0


Welcome to the City of Greendale! Greendale is a City in which It will have a bunch of Shops, Services, Homes, and Much More! But all those things will come in future updates, but there are still some there for you to see now! The city will be very diverse, as there will be everything from beaches to forests, and small wooden houses to gigantic skyscrapers! 

NOTE: This City was a will be heavily inspired by the City of Newisle and the city of Blue Topia! 

Many things will come to live and rest in Greendale, but here are some of the things that exist in Greendale at the Moment:

A Beach:

“Zach’s Ocean Shack” Which is a restaurant at the beach:

A Lighthouse:

A Farm: (Specifically Cow and Wheat)

A Freeway Interchange:

A Empty Theme Park:

A Wooden House that was added in the latest update:

Some other Pictures:

When You spawn there will be a brick wall with signs make sure you read it as there is important information

Some new Features added in The City of Greendale Alpha v0.2.0: The Miscellaneous Update:

  1. – Added lanterns in a Bunch of places
  2. – Added Road Signs
  3. – Added Main Street for Woodstock
  4. – Added a Big House with a Swing Set and a Garden
  5. -Lit up the Bridge Connecting the Parking lot with the Beach

See you in Alpha v0.3.0!


Click the Link and it should download onto your computer!


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