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The City of Swagtropolis – MCPE AddOns

The City of Swagtropolis is a fictional Minecraft city that I, Swagcaster, have been building and creating on and off since 2016. This is the city’s current layout as of April 9th, 2022, and the best part is that you may change whatever you want with it.

Cre: Swagcaster (Youtube)

The City of Swagtropolis

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This city even has many buildings with redstone integration wherever possible, such as power lights, showers, plumbing, elevators, and even fully animated garage doors. This map is great for roleplay, cops n robbers, PvP, checking out redstone, pvp with guns, playing around with mods, driving, and just about anything else you feel like doing on the map. Join my Discord server if you want to make some new friends or perhaps help out with the city.

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Screeshots from this map:

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In the City of Swagtropolis, as depicted, there are numerous locations to visit. This map was almost entirely made by Swagcaster, with the exception of a few windows and walls, and is ideal for almost anything from roleplaying to simply dueling your friends on the roofs.

Amenities include.

A Theater



An armed attack helicopter (coming soon)

A Port

City Hall

A partially built subway system

lots of roads

Enough single family homes and apartments to house thousands of people

Lots of red stone and command block integration

A partially built police station

An entire prison island (some may recognize it)


A High school

unfinished dry-docks

Some parking

Some railroad infrastructure

Residential buildings

Commercial Buildings

Industrial buildings

And there will be more coming as the map is still a Work In Progress.


  • Added 3 working bifold doors to the new kelp refinery
  • Added some houses
  • Added autocrafter to new kelp refinery
  •  Added more streetlamps
  • Added more kelp tanks to old kelp refinery
The City of Swagtropolis

Download The City of Swagtropolis Mediafire or FILE DRIVE

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