The Cube PARKOUR – Bedrock


A challenging, multiplayer OR single-player, PARKOUR map made for Bedrock with 24 increasingly difficult levels! The map also uses our own custom texture pack! Can you reach the top of The Cube?

About The Cube

The Cube Parkour map has very simplistic and clean levels designed to test players’ skills and challenge even the best parkour masters!

There are 8 parkour stages per floor of The Cube, the very beginning is setup for low level players; jumping further through each floor, you’ll come across increasingly difficult stages. 

Any player can make as much progress towards the end as they can, and as fast as they can! Allowing for an intense race to reach the end if playing with friends!


Download and enter the .ZIP file and double click the .MCWORLD and the .MCPACK in order to import them into Minecraft Bedrock.

You may need to apply the resource pack before playing the world.

Thanks for downloading!


Supported Minecraft versions


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