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The Facility is a map where you need to find a way out of a building, overgrown by  nature, and discover what had gone down at the site that led to it’s abandonment.

Currently in a very early stage, but it will get updated and become a relatively large and long adventure.

You wake up inside of a broken chamber, and find yourself inside of a grand facility. You don’t know how you got there, or who are you, but you know one thing, and that is that you need to leave.


Outside of the Facility

The generator

At the portal

Currently the map ends when you reach the Nether, but I will update it soon (Well, as soon as I can finish this huge project) and it will be much larger.

-Added the Nether Facility, now you can go through the nether portal and see the world beyond. 

-After the Nether Facility, you will return to the Overworld Facility, but deep underground. The next update will take place mostly here.

Changed the file from mcpack to mcworld, and fixed some bugs.


-Click the Download Link

-Wait 5 seconds, then skip the Adfly link

-After that you will be brough to another Adfly sight, just edit the url and change it from www1/www2 to www5 to avoid clicking on any advertisements

-Download the file from Mediafire

-Launch the .mcworld file

-Done, minecraft will automatically import the world


Supported Minecraft versions


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