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The Male Anime Characters [Skin Pack]

Anime, one of the sources of popular culture around the world, has been popularized in recent years. In particular, the wide range of anime characters available has become especially popular with male anime fans. However, some fans may be unaware of the large selection of male anime skin packs available.

The male anime skin pack is designed to give a new look and style to an individual anime character or group of characters. It contains a wide range of facial features, hairstyles, and clothing styles that are exclusive to male characters. With these skins, a user can customize their favorite character to look even more unique.

The male anime skin pack also includes accessories such as hats, scarves, and jewelry. These can also allow a character to be made more unique, as well as making them more visually appealing. Finally, the skin pack also offers a range of facial expressions to give the characters more expressiveness and personality.

The male anime skin pack is a great way to customize favorite male anime characters. With a wide range of facial features, hairstyles, clothes, and accessories, a user can customize the look and style of their favorite character or group of characters. This can be a fun and creative way to bring a character to life.

From popular animes such as NarutoOne PieceDragon BallDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaMy Hero AcademiaBlack CloverHunterXHunter and more– now compiled into one giant Minecraft skin pack! With over 90 skins and more to come!

Compiled by: r4isen1920 (Youtube, twitter)

Pack version: v3.0

The Male Anime Characters

January 2021 Update

The Male Anime Characters

Added 19 new skins from the anime “Haikyuu!”, the Akatsuki from the “Naruto: Shippudden”, two more characters from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” and more!

Please continue scrolling for a full list of skins included in this skin pack:

List of Skins

The following are the current list of 80 skins (excluded the skins from the latest update):

  1. Izuku Midoriya
  2. Kazuto Kirigaya (by @Zeith47)
  3. Matsukaze Tenma 
  4. Monkey D. Luffy 
  5. Naruto Uzumaki
  6. Natsu
  7. Subaru Natsuki
  8. Saitama
  9. Son Goku
  10. Taki Tachibana
  11. Ichigo Kurosaki
  12. Kaneki Ken
  13. Astro Boy
  14. Doraemon
  15. Ash Ketchum 
  16. Boruto Uzumaki
  17. Melodias 
  18. Shouya Ishida (by Eijirou)
  19. Eren Yeager 
  20. Light Yagami
  21. Gingka Hagane 
  22. Joseph Joestar (Jojo)
  23. Joker (Persona) 
  24. Asta 
  25. Goblin Slayer 
  26. Pit 
  27. Sakata Gintoki
  28. Satou Kazuma
  29. Phoenix Wright 
  30. Sasuke Uchiha 
  31. Roronoa Zoro 
  32. Vegeta 
  33. Katsuki Bakkugo 
  34. Eugeo (by @Zeith47)
  35. Eijiro Kirishima (by Eijirou)
  36. Hiro [016]
  37. Valt Aoi
  38. Gogeta
  39. Minato Namikaze
  40. Iwatani Naofumi
  41. Yusuke Urameshi
  42. L Lawliet 
  43. Ryuk
  44. Soma Yukihira (by Eijirou)
  45. Levi Ackerman
  46. Acnologia
  47. Aizawa 
  48. InuYasha 
  49. Kakashi Hatake 
  50. Shoto Todoroki 
  51. Denki Kaminari 
  52. Kamina
  53. Uchiha Madara
  54. Lelouch 
  55. Gray Fullbuster 
  56. Soul Eater Evans 
  57. Jin Bubaigawara (Twice) 
  58. Vegito 
  59. Richter Belmont 
  60. Simon Belmont
  61. Rantaro Amami 
  62. Jotaro Kujo 
  63. Dio Brando 
  64. Sanji 
  65. Bruno Bucciarati 
  66. Giorno Giovanna 
  67. Guido Mista 
  68. Itachi Uchiha 
  69. Saiki Kusuo 
  70. Killua Zoldyck 
  71. Death the Kid
  72. Genos 
  73. Sora 
  74. Rito Yuki 
  75. Shido Itsuka 
  76. Tanjiro Kamado
  77. Naruto (Six Paths) – (By Wolf40013)
  78. Yami Sukehiro – (by Unspell)
  79. Dante
  80. Vergil

New Skins Update

New Skins Update

The following are 19 new skins added for this month’s update:

  1. Zenitsu Agatsuma
  2. Inosuke [Masked & Unmasked]
  3. Edward Elric
  4. Shoyo Hinata
  5. Kageyama
  6. Nishinoya
  7. Sugawara
  8. Kenma
  9. Oikawa
  10. Shigeo Kageyama
  11. Lord Beerus
  12. Mumen Rider (by Might-the-Hylian)
  13. Escanor
  14. Rock Lee
  15. Pain/Nagato
  16. Obito Akatsuki
  17. Sasori
  18. Orochimaru
  19. Gon Freecs

“New Skin” Indicator

New skins have a green text on the respective character’s name! Please check them out!

The Male Anime Characters

Skin Sources & Credits

Individual Creators

  • Zeith47 (@Wolf40013) – Twitter / PlanetMinecraft
  • Eijirou – PlanetMinecraft
  • Unspell – PlanetMinecraft
  • Might-the-Hylian – NovaSkins

(links to these individual creators will be added later)


Visit NovaSkins here: Thumbnail and skin renders are also provided by NovaSkins wallpaper maker created by these users:

I value your work!

Please if you have your skin here, contact me so I can credit you properly or if you want to request your skin removed from this pack please feel free to ask me anytime!

You can visit the contact form here:

Female Anime Skin Pack

There’s also a Female Anime Characters Skin Pack! You can find it by checking my profile.

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  • Added 19 more skins, please check the description above for a full list.
  • FMAC Skin Pack will be updated next month on the same day.



Simply open the downloaded .MCPACK file using Minecraft and it should automatically import! 


Updating to a newer version? Delete the old version of the skin pack first and then simply import the latest version!

Head over to your Minecraft folder and under the skin_packs folder delete the “TMAC” folder!

Need more help? Contact me here!

The Male Anime Characters

Download The Male Anime Character .MCPACK

Download The Male Anime Characters (Link Backup)

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