The Pig Empire Invasion | Minecraft PE Maps


Are you ready to fight against the evil pig empire? This map let you play as “Steve” you live in a small house near a village one day the pig empire has invaded your village and capture villager number 4 and he is your friend and you’ll never leave your friend!

Will you save him?

Rule 1 play in hard mode

2 play in adventure mode

3 don’t cheat

About this map

Half of this map created by command block

This map also has custom boss battle custom mob and hard parkour this map took a long time to make but it’s only me who made this map

Also this my first map I’m really sorry for bad command block hiding 

Note: This map perfect for pro people because the parkour and boss battle may little bit hard


This map is for ( 1.14.0+)

If you review this map you must credit me and do not use your own link but me MCPEDL link

also you should use “Classic Minecraft texture pack” for best experience 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

Source link


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