Treasure Hunter Series: Dimensions | Adventure/Puzzle Map


Get ready to traverse the dimensions! THS:Dimensions will challenge you with  a wide array of brand new puzzles at varying levels of difficulty. Choose the order you do the puzzles in, steal the treasure, and escape the dimensions before it’s too late!

THS:Dimensions is the next map in my treasure hunter series that puts you through challenging puzzles in an adventure-like style! In THS:Dimensions you’ll be traveling through 4 different dimensions, each containing a different puzzle to complete. Acquire all 4 dimensional keys, steal the dimensional treasure, and escape!

Each map I make I try my best to improve on what I did for my last map, so if you have any feedback, please let me know!

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I also allow all of you to vote on my map for difficulty and time to complete! check out the polls! (If you haven’t played it yet, choose results instead of vote to see what people have rated the map)


Time to Complete:

I also develop my maps to work on both JAVA and WIN10/Bedrock edition, so if you’d rather play on Java edition, go to my YT channel or discord to find those download links!

I also do walk-through’s for all of my maps in-case you get stuck, so if you have trouble, check out my guide here:

One last thing before you go traverse the dimensions, this map is meant to take more time to complete then my smaller puzzle maps, so make sure you set aside a chunk of time before playing this!

Updated the description to make it more unique and original


Supported Minecraft versions


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