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TTW Shader – MCPE AddOns

The Shader of Thin White (NEW VERSION ULTRA)

TTW Shader is a realistic shader with realistic shadows, gentle lighting, and magnificent skies that can operate on most low-end devices. Support for phones in the mid-to-low price range

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Cre: Orsis MT (Youtube, Twitter

TTW Shader

Low Version: TTW Shader aims to offer Minecraft a new elegant and realistic look while also attempting to optimize it by minimizing texture changes so that it can operate on a wide range of devices.

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Shadows that are realistic

Some Screenshots from

This shader was influenced by others, and because I am new at shader design, I will attempt to correct any errors.

Because this shader is in alpha, it is likely to have flaws and defects, which you can mention in the comments.

If it doesn’t work on your device, let us know in the comments.

Your downloads are an inspiration to continue developing content, so please report any problems in the comments.

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New Version Ultra:

  • Correction of errors
  • Detailed Shadows
  • Warm Light
  • Optimized Water
  • Change of Light in Others Dimensions
  • Underwater Shadows
  • Underwater Light more Blue
TTW Shader

Android/iOS Shader – Mediafire

Windows 10 Shader – Mediafire

New Version (Alpha 1.0.2) Android/iOS/Win10 – Mediafire

New Version Ultra Android/iOS Shader – Mediafire

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