Twitter is Auctioning Off Assets Like Coffee Machines and Chairs

In yet another effort to remain financially afloat and turn a profit, social media giant Twitter is selling off some of its assets. The company recently announced it is auctioning off furniture, large-scale appliances like coffee machines and other various items through a commercial real estate company’s online auction platform.

Twitter appears to be cutting costs as it looks to stay competitive in the social media landscape. Erik Metter, a spokesman for Twitter, stated that the company is “reviewing its office needs globally and making the best decisions to allocate investments efficiently amid an increasingly competitive environment.”

The overall items up for sale are described as “professional office furniture” that is “in good condition.” Some items on the auction list include coffee machines, desks and chairs, bookcases, and more.

The items will be available for bidding from February 19-25 on a commercial real estate company’s online platform. Interested parties are asked to “please call for further information.”

Despite the widely-reported measures taken by Twitter to trim expenses, the company has no plans of shutting down any of its offices at this time. It’s unclear how the auctioned off assets will affect the future of the social media giant, but Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey maintains that users will not “see any difference from a product perspective.”

Twitter is no stranger to financial losses. With fewer users and its stock dipping to a two-year low, the company is utilizing every resource available to remain in the social media game. Whether its auctions will provide Twitter with enough of a financial boost to remain competitive is yet to be determined.

Twitter Auctioning Off Assets

Twitter is in the process of letting go of some of its assets, such as coffee machines, chairs and other surplus office equipment. This is part of an effort to consolidate and streamline the company’s physical footprint in cities around the world.

Items Being Auctioned

Twitter has a variety of items available for auction, including:

  • Coffee Machines
  • Office Chairs
  • Desks
  • Couches
  • Tables
  • Computer Monitors

All items are supplied directly from Twitter offices and are in good condition. The company has stated that all profits received from the auction will go back into the community.

Auction Details

The auction will be conducted via the website Items will be sold in batches, with bidding closing on December 12th, 2018. A deposit of $500 is required to register as a bidder, and each item will have a minimum starting bid of $100.

The auction is open to anyone interested in purchasing the items, and winning bids will be collected and shipped out within three days of the end of the auction.


Twitter has decided to auction off its surplus items as a way to make a difference in the communities affected by its office consolidation. These assets are in good condition and could be a great buy for the right person. Whether you’re looking for a new office chair or a coffee machine, check out the auction and see if you can get a great deal.

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