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Do you want to play a tycoon in Minecraft? If so you are right here. In the tycoon you can buy things and get rich. This world is made by Rleon1012. For bugs or anything else please contact the comment. Please share it with friends and have fun. 

With a new system, the map can also be played with 2 Players or more. 

Get Coins at the Conveyor belt. You See the Coins in a scoreboard on the side. 

Buy thinks like dropper, cars, shelf 

To buy things just press the button in front of them.

Before.                                 After

Play in the casino for more coins. You can win more coins or lost some. 

Cost 100


80.      150

120.     200

Buy more Droppers to get faster Coins. 

It gave 2 Conveyor Belt. 

How you get coins:

You get Coins at the Conveyor belt or in the casino. But you can make a jump and run if you win it you get 100 Coins. 

You win if you have buy All. 


Don’t Cheat 

Have Fun

I have now explained more how everything works. I hope it is enough

I write a bite more. I hope it is enough 


Supported Minecraft versions


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