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Hey everyone my name is BlueWolfexe, but you can call me Wolf, I made this addon wanting to play man hunt with my friends, but in a randomized, sort of automatic way. If your looking for that as well, then this would be the addon to use!!! You made it to the right place!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! 

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Below are descriptions of how to start the game and how to play

If you like this addon please let me know, and tell me some ideas you want for a simple addon down in the description, i’ll be sure to look at them!!!

How To Play:

There is one runner (The Speed Runner) and a team of hunters, the team of hunters could be of any size (Rec:3 players) the Runner has to beat the game of minecraft without getting killed, he can also kill the hunter team to get there loot. Easy Peasy right? NOOO!!!  it gets harder… The Hunters have to Hunt down the Runner, if they succeed on killing the Runner they win,and the Runner losses. BUT… if the Runner kills the Hunters, the hunters can respawn to try to kill to the runner again

Here are some examples of gameplay:

Rip, im ded


How to Setup and Start the game:

NOTE:When your in the game, Everyone that’s going to be playing has to be in the game as well to make it work properly!!! ALSO!!!! do not type /Function setup more than once or you could have more than 1 player as the speedrunner, unless thats what you want…

To set up the game do /function setup When your ready to play do /function start once the speed-runner dies or wins do /function stop if it doesn’t automatically reset, do /function reset that should reset the game and make it work properly

YEAH, easy as that!!! If you need any help during the game do /function help

IF YOUR GOING TO USE MY ADDON IN A VIDEO PLEASE LINK THIS PAGE IN THE DESCRIPTION AND DURING THE VIDEO TYPE /function credits For the credits of the game!!! Thank You And Have Fun :))))

Im Trying to get a new pc once i get a new pc i can start mking Youtube videos so you can support me by joining my discord and foolowing my channel also downloading this addon, it really helps a ton!!!

Fixed basically everything, remodeled the Images and redid the pack due to a few errors


just simply click the install button :), this may only work for PC and mobile


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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