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 Welcome to Un-pointless Map

Where verything is very unpointless because it’s pointless, it’s typically not a typo, it’s the name of the map. In other words, this map contains puzzles, obstacles, riddle and a bit of a troll, so watch out. This map has 15 levels. Feel free to speed run or make a video of this map as long as you give it credits.

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Unique Feature:

– Anti-Cheat System, this mechanic will make you stop from cheating, the activation is in the map. I’m not stopping you from cheating it is in your own decision if you want to cheat or not. That’s why made this mechanic for you to make a desicion. Not to stop you.

When you play the map, you should be in a super white box. If the texture didn’t load, please report it to the comments. I will add a link to download the custom made texture pack. 

And speaking of texture pack, I hereby credit Freelsify for this awesome texture pack that fits well in the point of my map.

And yes, I made this texture myself, but it’s originally from him.

This map was made in 1.14.60 Minecraft Pocket Edition. Every command is limited unlike java version. So, this map only uses simple commands.

This is all the levels that you will get, every level has its own difficulty, it depends on you if you can beat that one level fast.

Level 1:

Door: Super Easy

– The super duper easy level amongs all. 

Level 2:

Villager: Difficulty : Easy

– You will never guess what you will do to the villager

Level 3:

Craft a Hopper: Semi-Medium

– Simple, just craft a hopper

Level 4:

Connect Hopper to chest : Semi-Medium

– That’s the purpose of crafting the hopper.

Level 5:

Button Quiz 1 + 5 : Semi-Medium

– You basically apply the math to the button

Level 6:

Button Chase : Semi-Medium

– Chase the button until you caught it

Level 7:

What will you do? : Hard

– Patience is the answer to this level

Level 8:

Parkour: Hard

– Every puzzle map has a parkour, don’t forget that

Level 9:

Button Troll: Semi-Medium

– Stupid button teleporting everywhere

Level 10:

Speed Run: Hard

– Run to the next level, literally

Level 11:

Don’t touch the red: Hard

– Don’t touch the red, or else, consiquences(not really)

Level 12:

Invisible Maze: Hard

– A totally normal maze, nothing to worry

Level 13:

High Jumps: Hard

– Jump all the way to the top

Level 14:

Fight the Zombie: Easy

– Say hello to the easiest mob fight

Level 15:

Craft a button: Semi-Medium

– To end the level perfectly

That’s pretty much all the level folks! Remember that this map is in beta, feel free to suggest some puzzle ideas. And by the way, it’s my first puzzle map that I ever made!


The custom texture pack download link will be added as long as anyone would complain that the texture isn’t loaded.

Download this map in a correct version, this map contains newer features that has been recently added to minecraft.

You can download the zip file or the mcworld.


All the levels are tested and possible.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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