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Universe 467

Two adventurers decide to take a vacation by portal hopping into a unexplored universe, instead they find themselves in the middle of a world being ravaged by Nether Mobs. 

Now their only chance to survive is to fight the Mobs in their way and locate the portal home, hidden somewhere in the world. All while a unknown mysterious voice helps them.

This is a 2 player story focused adventure map.

In this map, you and your partner will have to work together to survive different environments and challenges you come across during the story.These challenges are, but not limited to, puzzles, some parkour, a unforgiving shat ton of Nether mobs, path decisions that may or may not make everything worse for you, super blazes and much more.

Around the map is hidden loot you can find to improve your own arsenal against the increasing difficulty, good luck!


-Flashing lights

-Between 2-3 hours in length

-Will not begin without two players present.


Universe 467

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