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Unnamed Addon (BETA) – MCPE AddOns

It’s a Simple Addon that helps make your Minecraft more Actionable and Interesting!​
(This Unnamed Addon still in Beta = 90% bug for free:/)​

Creator: Night 197

Unnamed Addon

What’s added in this addon Most of them will make things available in the Minecraft game and have more things to do.
First of all, in this addon, some textures have been slightly changed.

New Texture

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Rain Particle
  • Snow Particle
Unnamed Addon
Unnamed Addon

Mushroom New Features

New Mobs

Unnamed Addon
Unnamed Addon


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Fungus in Unnamed Addon, a fearful little mushroom in a big world. They can be found in the Mushroom Island Biome.

You can Trade them with Fungi Gem!

Other Mobs

-Fungchoi (Mini​boss)

New Items – Unnamed Addon

-Fang Fungus

-Shroom Head

-Fungi Gem

Aquatic New Features

New Mobs

Unnamed Addon


HP 12

EXP 5 – 6.5

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Primal shells that will return to swim in the Sea for you to see!

Nautilus can be found in normal Ocean Biomes. But there are quite a few chances.

Other Mobs

  • Ancient Nautilus (Mini​boss)
  • Angler Fish

New Items

Unnamed Addon
  • Ancient Nautilus Shell
  • Beff Nautilus
  • Raw Angler Fish
  • Asc
  • Angler Fish Bone
  • Nautilus Bricks
  • Stair Nautilus Bricks
  • Slab Nautilus Bricks
  • Chiseled Nautilus Bricks
  • Cobblenautilus Bricks
  • Stair Cobblenautilus Bricks
  • Slab Cobblenautilus Bricks
    And Other…

Desert New Features

New Mobs

Unnamed Addon
Unnamed Addon


Caced in Unnamed Addon

: Special Thank Ninan9862
  • HP 12
  • ATK 2 – 3 (Projectle)​
  • EXP 5 – 6.5

Are you bored, having to adventure in the same old desert biomes? Hopefully Caced will help fill those in.

Unnamed Addon

Caced, the little cactus sidekick who protects you from Undead Monsters!

Other Mobs

-Caced Brute
-Great Cacad (Mini​boss)​

New Items

-Cactus Thorn
-Caced Thorn
-Caced Cookie
-Desert Gem
-Caced Head

Frozent New Features

New Mob

Unnamed Addon
Unnamed Addon


HP 34
ATK 3 (Knockback Roar 4)
EXP 5 – 6.5

Snowy, a peaceful animal that won’t hurt you. If you don’t attack it first​.

Unnamed Addon


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You can ride on its back! however Snowy is an animal that cannot be tamed. Therefore, there may not be much force when riding.

Other Mobs

-Summoner (Mini​boss)​
-Skeleton Prime

New Items

Unnamed Addon

-Summoner Cloak
-Icers Suit
-Snow Gem

The End New Features

New ​Mobs

-Obsidian Pillar (Boss)​
-Tiny Pillar

New Ores

Unnamed Addon

-Ancient Enderite
-End Amber

New Items

Unnamed Addon


-Enderite Weapons
-Enderite Armors

Normal New Features

New ​Mobs

Unnamed Addon


: Special Thank Dear148

HP 8
ATK 3 (Fatal Poison)​
EXP 5 – 6.5

The Jungle Biome is becoming more Dangerous! because now there is a new species of Slime

We call it Doku

Unnamed Addon
Unnamed Addon


Crystal Golem

: Special Thank Phoomi5954

HP 42

It’s just like an Iron Golem, but just Amethyst instead… Yep ._.

New Weapons

Unnamed Addon


-Golem Wand       Unnamed Addon

-Lightning Wand​ Unnamed Addon

-Ender Wand​        Unnamed Addon

-Dark Wand          Unnamed Addon

Other Mobs

-Geode Golem
-Skeleton Guard
-Headless Zombie

: Special Thank Neru9896

-The Twins (Mini​boss)
-The Head Twin (Mini​boss)
-The Body Twin (Mini​boss)

From what you’ve read, it might seem like a lot but seriously, that’s only part of this Addon, it’s just a Beta Version!

Maybe in the Future, some cool stuff will be added to this add-on. An example may be

I will add a New Structure!

New Structure

Unnamed Addon
Unnamed Addon
Unnamed Addon
Unnamed Addon



Unnamed Addon

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:

Unnamed Addon

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