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V-Nextbot Add-On v1.0 (Selene Delgado)

This version works in Minecraft Bedrock v1.19.0 and newest versions!


This Add-On type Uncanny Valley add 1 Nextbot, Selene Delgado.

Inspired in Garry’s Mod Nextbots, run from it and play on backrooms!



– Hitbox: 0.0 x 0.0

– Health: Invulnerable

– Targets: Player

– Must See: False

– Target Max Distance: 256

– Speed: 0.4

– Natural Spawning: Creative Inventory Only

– Persistent and Tick World

– Sounds Canal 5 audio like Garry’s Mod

– Can change target to nearest


File type: .mcaddon (Resource and Behavior included)


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