Valve showcases Half-Life: Alyx gameplay with three new videos


Valve’s Half-Life franchise is finally set to expand again later this month with the release of Alyx. The virtual reality exclusive title was announced last year, with a March release date being confirmed just last month, and now, Valve has released several gameplay videos showcasing various elements of the highly-anticipated title.

The three short videos seem to be from the early game, and aside from some interesting environments and VR interactions, they are spoiler-free at least in the story department. Also, each video showcases a different movement option for accessibility, the first has teleport, second uses smooth motion, while the third showcases shifting. See the trio below:

As expected from a Valve game, physics interactions seem to be everywhere, which is always a plus for VR experiences. We also see how the new gravity glove will function, the gun customization system, several puzzles, gunplay, along with plenty of headcrabs for good measure.

Half-Life: Alyx is releasing on March 23 boasting support for essentially every VR headset available on the market. Moreover, those who are interested in catching up to the main series now have a chance to do so for free, as every single game in the franchise is free-to-play on Steam until Alyx releases.

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