Vanilla Mob Variants is inspired by Optifine’s random alternate mob textures, providing players with more than 800 variations per mob of over 45 mods included in the texture, you will definitely enjoy playing. it is perfected based on using a combination of alternate textures, entity tinting, and model scaling, which is why the mod looks a bit unique. 

Cre: Xanion (youtube)

Current Features Vanilla Mob Variants (as of V2.0)

vanilla mob variants total mod

Originally there were 54 mods, and each mod has

  • New texture variants (see feature table for numbers)
  • Approx. 40 different subtle tint variations
  • Approx. 5 different height variations
  • Baby-specific variants for some mobs

Pack Settings:

Remember to install package settings when adding this mod:

vanilla mob variants Settting 1

By clicking on the pack’s gear icon in the pack selection page, you can select the kinds of texture variants that are active in Vanilla Mob Variants pack!

You can also customize the pack to your liking for your textures by joining the discord with the creator.

Here some other texture packs you also like: 

Some screenshots you can see when installing the Mod that Mcpeaddons captured while playing

Slime variants by NikoAlb and TaxingHawk:

Creeper variants by Stick Boy:

vanilla mob variants 24 2

Why a Resource Pack?

Unlike behavior packs, resource packs can be applied in the global resources, bringing convenience to Minecraft players and community. 

The only downside to this is that the mobs will randomize, however this can be rectified by the player using an optional behavior pack. 

Community Contributions:

Here are members who have had their textures included in Vanilla Mob Variants pack (as of V2.0):

  • D507mc
  • Stick Boy
  • TaxingHawk
  • NikoAlb
  • win epic fin
  • ProbablySoul
  • Nest
  • ProbablySoul
  • ALoafOfBread
  • Lucas lisboa titan
  • Buggy
  • dre3340
  • MMC
  • alphaxenopete82

A full list of each member’s textures can be found in the credits file!

mcpeaddons download

Vanilla Mob Variants (Support Creator)

or here (Drive)

License and Sharing

Quote from creator:

If you would like to share any part of this pack, you must:

  • Include a link to creator’s github page on Github to disclose the original source – giving credit is the least you can do.
  • Include the original licence file from this pack with any files that you use/share.
  • Include a file that:
  • Lists the files/code snippets used from this pack
  • Lists any changes made to those files/code snippets
  • States that the included licence applies to the listed files


This will be the last update for a while, since the pack really needs to be remade to make use of all the new features available in 1.17. 

In this update:

  • Fixed compatibility with new mobs added by addons
  • Baby cow geometry should be fixed
  • Added two named variants, “Dave” the cod and “Koi” the salmon
  • All named variants now use Capital first letters (full list of names on discord)
  • Added one last round of community textures

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